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The allocation and use of fast credit is a widespread phenomenon in our country. Borrowers in this process do serious research, comparisons, analyzes, surveys, read reviews, put knowledge and skills in their quest to get the best quick credit.

Best quick credit is beneficial, profitable, effective, relaxed under favorable conditions and parameters. To find such a loan, we need to consider and consider many factors and circumstances. We need to be fully informed, we have explored variants and offers.

There is no universal answer to the question: which is the quickest credit, the borrower criteria are different, the assessment indicators are different. Although everything is strictly individual, there are some common features and important moments when choosing a loan to which we will stop your attention.


Fast Credits

Fast Credits


  • Fast credits are small amounts returned for a short period of time. Most often, they are an optimal solution to urgent and urgent needs. We need to orient ourselves properly and accurately to consider the amount of money we need and the time according to our financial capabilities to recover it, along with the incidental costs.
  • The proposals we are going to analyze must be fast-tracking companies that are required with valid certificates for entry in the Central Register of the BNB and for personal data controllers under the Law for their protection. These are authorized financial institutions with a legal scope of activity, with a designated office and contacts.
  • In the context of internet communications, the application is online , an electronic credit calculator has been provided. In order to have a good credit quick, you should be aware of the amount of the entire amount due, what is the interest rate and the value of the contributions. Make your calculations, play some variations.
  • The procedure for applying for and granting the best quick loan is simplified and easy, with minimum documents and achievable requirements. Online order, credit only against identity card – save time and money.
  • The credit approval is a few minutes, the money gets the same day. This opportunity no longer only belongs to fast-paced companies, in an attempt to provide the best fast credit, banks have greatly reduced the time for approval and absorption of funds, there are already very fast loans from banks – within an hour or two. For example: TBI Bank Fast Cash Loan with a response of 5 minutes to 1 hour, Consumer credit in BGN and Euro – approval by 2 hours by UniCredit Bulbank, Expresso credit from Express Bank, Small loan from UBB, Credit Momento with a 40-minute response from Postbank, Fast Credit from DSK with 60 minutes response, Texim Bank Consumer Loan with 2 hours response and more.
  • The best quick credit must be with clear and unambiguously specified terms, with no hidden, misleading text and fine print . Before signing the contract read carefully everything written, make sure you understand it and realize that everything is known to you, transparent and unobtrusive. Normally, we do not have to look for collateral, loans without guarantor , mortgages or other bets.
  • The best fast credit is a low price , which includes: interest, fees, additional costs and insurance. The type of interest and its absolute annual amount, the many fees (especially for early repayment) and insurance, which are generally borrowers, form a high price for the service.
  • You have probably heard that the best fast credit granted by financial institutions is every first loan, free of interest and free of charge, without any extra cost, to return as much money as you have taken for a certain period of time. Such companies are – Feratoum: up to BGN 1 000 for a period of 15 days, Vivus: up to 400 BGN up to 30 days, Fast cash: up to 1 000 BGN up to 15 days, Mini loan: up to 500 BGN returned within 15 days, Credit group: up to 500 leva returned within 21 days, Net credit: up to 500 leva for 30 days, Cash credit up to 399 leva for 30 days, Credisimo up to 600 leva for 30 days, Stick credit: up to 400 returned to the maturity date and other . Take advantage of these suggestions, get your job done, meet your goals and return the money within the agreed timeframe, so the credit will be best for you.
  • The best fast credit is repaid through repayment installments, calculated according to the financial options , with the exact income and expense of each borrower. Equals or decreasing, monthly or weekly, take an active part in the bargaining to protect your interests and calmly and without any concussion to repay.
  • No one is insured by unfavorable circumstances: unemployment, disability, long-term hospital stay, and many others, despite our good intentions and willingness to redeem and preserve unimproved and clean credit history. The best quick credit should have the possibility of refinancing, extending the deadline, withdrawing an additional amount to an active loan, renegotiating conditions, and others that would help us cope, stabilize, get out of the situation and not fall out in arrears. A new and good credit offer with no interest and 6 months contributions is Transcard . The credit limit, which can be granted without proof of income, for refinancing old liabilities is BGN 1,500. No guarantors, warranties, collateral are required, you must only have a net monthly income of over 300 leva and have a pure credit record. The company extinguishes old obligations within the credit limit in whole or in part, you have no obligations, do not pay any repayments, do not pay any interest or additional costs. After this period, you start repaying the loan / the interest rates are low, the contributions optimized /, consider whether this option is acceptable, convenient for you.

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