Loan Company


The system of Loan company is quite simple. The slogan of the company is: “Loans from person to person.”


For example, if you want to invest money as a private individual, sign up for Loan companyand inquire about people looking for a loan. These indicate in advance at what interest rate they need capital in which amount. The maximum amount on this portal is 25,000 euros. The interesting thing is that you as an investor can invest even small sums. For example, if the loan seeker needs 20,000 euros, they are not forced to lend the entire sum. It is possible to invest capital from 250 euros and to receive interest. The loan amount must be transferred only if the planned project is fully financed. Specifically, this means that if 10,000 euros are needed, it will wait until investors have this sum completely together.


The portal itself is not a bank but merely a form of credit brokerage . 

The portal itself is not a bank but merely a form of credit brokerage . 

Loan companybrings together people who need a loan and want to raise money and benefits from the agency fee that is charged. For a period of 36 months, Loan companycharges a performance fee of 2.0% of the loan amount, or 0.5% per year. At least 40 euros are due. If the term is 60 months, a fee of 2.5% of the loan amount or 0.5% per term year is charged. Here, the agency fee must be at least 60 euros. Of course, the specified user data will be treated anonymously so that there are no dangers.


Loan companyis ideal for both credit seekers and lenders. Due to the continued poor economic situation, banks have become increasingly skeptical about lending. Small businesses, in particular, will benefit from Loan company, as it can easily make small investments using this platform.


The project is very popular because of its existing transparency and its ability to get fresh capital or generate high returns. “Stiftung Warentest” (Financial Test) has also taken a closer look at credit exchanges on the Net and rated Loan companyas the best loan market currently offered on the internet. Above all, the concept has been particularly convincing.


With Loan company, the personal loan, the necessary transparency can finally be restored and individuals can benefit from private individuals.



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