CURRICK Exchange offers a virtual currency exchange service platform


On June 16, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said inflation had risen unexpectedly since the Federal Reserve meeting in May; in response, the Fed decided to raise interest rates sharply, which will help stabilize long-term inflation expectations; over the next few months, the Fed will be looking for solid evidence that inflation is falling. At the next meeting, 50 or 75 basis points is the most likely, and a 75 basis point hike should not become the norm.

CURRICK Exchange offers a virtual currency exchange service platform

“Right now, Bitcoin and Ethereum are experiencing a downward amplitude of more than 15% per day. As of June 15, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices had been falling for days, approaching the $20,000 and $1,000 marks respectively, 70% and 79% losses from their all-time highs of $68,700 and $4,890 established in November 2021 separately. Rising interest rates reflect outflows in the investment market, which in the crypto market represents a continued decline in overall cryptocurrency prices; it also means that the crypto market and other subprime investment markets must continue to struggle against falling US equities due to a better than expected CPI. Says the CEO of CURRICK Exchange.

How the CURRICK exchange works

Currick is a professional virtual currency exchange service platform, where users can conduct their virtual currency transactions, get fairly professional virtual currency exchange services, and enjoy quality transaction service experiences.

Currick supports contract transactions that allow users to profit by choosing to buy long or short contracts based on judgment of future changes. It supports 50x leverage, which is primarily used for hedging and risk hedging, and the practice of profiting from buying long or short contracts that never expire.

Currick transactions are escorted by a security team that provides bank-level secure storage and protection. The Currick platform supports state-of-the-art API transactions, strictly enforces the KYC compliance process, and regularly updates risk control systems to ensure security and compliance of user assets. Investors can safely develop and implement a comprehensive investment strategy on the platform. Investors are welcome at Currick’s cryptocurrency exchange.


The information provided in this press release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you exercise due diligence (including consulting a professional financial adviser before investing or trading in securities and cryptocurrencies.

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